150 Gallon Reef Aquarium

Size: 150 Gallon Planet Aquarium with 40 gallon open sump (no baffles)

Dimensions: 60″ x 25″ x 24″

Aquascape: I used 200 lbs of Dry Marco Rock and broke it down with a hammer and chisel and glued it together to create the HNSA Aquascape.

I cycled this tank for about 2 months before adding any fish to it. I went about a year and a half before I even added any coral to it.

Sand: I added 160 lbs of Carib Sea Aragonite Special Grade Dry Sand

Lighting: 3 Radion XR30 Gen 4 Pro. The lights are set to 12000k and run and 55% intensity.

Stock List: 2 Snowcasso/Nebula Clownfish, 1 Sailfin Tang, 1 Biota Yellow Tang

Corals: SPS, LPS, and Softies.

Current Parameters
Temp:               78.1
Salinity:            1.026
pH:                   8.32
Alkalinity:         8.40 dKH
Calcium:           450 ppm
Magnesium:     1440 ppm
Po4:                  97 ppb
No3:                 2.5 ppm
K:                      340 ppm

Testing: I use the Neptune Trident to monitor trends in My Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium. I test manually every Saturday.

Manual test kits I use
Temperature: Neptune temperature probe. Hanna Salinity/Temp Pen – Only for the temperature.
Salinity: Refractometer
pH: Neptune pH probe.
Alkalinity: Hanna dKH Checker (HI772)
Calcium: Salifert Calcium Test Kit
Magnesium: Salifert Magnesium Test Kit
Potassium: Salifert Potassium Test Kit
Po4: Hanna Phosphorus ULR checker ppb (HI736)
No3: Hanna Nitrate HR checker (HI782) with API Nitrate part 1 & 2 liquid reagent

Dosing: I currently only use BRS Pharma Alk, Cal, and Mag for the macro elements. I also add 1 vial of Prodibio Biodigest.

Sump: In the sump, I have the leftover Marco Rock I did not use for the aquascape. I use a Kessil H380 to run the refugium with Chaeto Morpha.